Automated Surface Inspection

8 Reasons why you should invest in fabric inspection

Tuesday 28th August, 2018

The drive for higher productivity and better results within the textile industry has highlighted the need for an improvement in production inspection.

Below are some examples of how automated fabric inspection could help you achieve your business goals:

  1. Build relationships: Improve relationships with your current customers by providing products at the right quality at the first time of asking.
  2. Inspect fabrics faster: WebSPECTOR, Shelton’s high-speed inspection system allows for greater throughput
  3. Inspect 100% of the fabric 100% of the time: An automated fabric inspection system offers near 100% accuracy, and with many human inspectors needed to keep up with high volume production of critical products, machine vision integration makes sense financially.
  4. Minimise the dependence on manual inspection: Automated quality control can help your business grow by reducing your manual inspection costs. Automated inspection systems are able to adapt, quickly and easily, to different products and surfaces.
  5. Reduce production delays with automation: Production delays can harm your reputation as a reliable partner, it can also hinder your sales team’s ability to win new business, especially within industries such as medical quality control and the automotive industry, where close to no defects are rightly expected.
  6. Advanced defect management: The primary goal of any business is to prevent defects in the first place. Realistically this is not always feasible, the next best option is to detect defects as soon as possible to prevent further waste and to reduce the financial impact.
  7. Provide a better ROI: Much like any new technology, there is an up-front investment. Shelton Vision has created an integrated machine vision process for fabric inspection that produces a return on investment through cut plan optimisation. In a nutshell, industrial automation leads to less waste, increases yield and therefore profit.
  8. Sales tool: By having visual inspection systems as part of your arsenal, the in-house sales team can use this as a tool when trying to win new business within a competitive marketplace.

Find out how fabric inspection systems could help your business

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