Automated Surface Inspection

10 benefits of automated inspection

Friday 28th September, 2018

One of the most important but often unappreciated aspects of manufacturing is quality assurance: this is where the product gets checked for errors and defects before it’s shipped to the customer.

Here are some benefits that Shelton’s machine vision systems can offer:

  1. Cost savings – Automated surface inspection systems allow for a greater ROI by minimising the amount of waste generated from each run.
  2. Reduction in errors Human error is ultimately unavoidable especially when you’re dealing with large production runs. Mistakes almost always mean a loss in the form of scrapped materials, breaking service level agreements, and additional spending for problem resolution and support.
  3. Increased accuracy – When an automated machine vision system is programmed to perform a task over and over again, the accuracy and repeatability compared to an employee is far greater.
  4. Overall efficiency – When human inspectors aren’t constantly monitoring production they can be used elsewhere within the business, such as planning, improving processes or assisting with more complex surfaces.
  5. Reputation – Preserve and further build your reputation by preventing substandard product from being shipped. Not only is prevention best practice, but it’s also invariably cheaper than the corresponding cure.
  6. Happy customers – Meet or even exceeds customer specifications and expectations.
  7. Reduce re-shipping costs – Preserve and further build his reputation by preventing substandard product from being shipped and the subsequent costs associated with re-shipping products.
  8. Data – Our automated inspection systems collect real-time data helping your business make data-driven decisions that help improve the effectiveness of future runs.
  9. Peace of mind – Customers know that they can rely on your business to deliver products that will not be disrupted by unknown quality issues or short shipments.
  10. Win more business – Your sales team can use it within their sales pitch, as your reputation builds and word gets out within your industry that you provide quality products.

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