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Machine vision applications

Tuesday 23rd August, 2016

Machine vision is the application of computer vision and related technologies to industrial automation. Shelton Visions WebSPECTOR solution is a machine vision system made up of four components, which reduce waste and increase your overall profit. Visual inspection applications We develop and design machine vision applications that can be applied to a range of industries, […]

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Vision technology and ROI

Thursday 11th August, 2016

A clear advantage of vision technology is the ability to increase output and through speeds by not relying on manual inspection time. The largest area in which you will see a return is by optimising the sales of goods that you produce, and limiting the amount of claims from your customers. This will clearly benefit […]

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Automated quality control vs Manual inspection

Friday 29th July, 2016

Automated quality control can help your business grow by reducing your manual inspection costs. Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions, to help you decide if automated inspection is right for you. What’s the ROI in automating quality assurance? If your business works within an industry where a single error could cause a […]

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Machine vision technology expected to grow by $28.5 bn by 2021

Tuesday 26th July, 2016

If the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) continues at the same rate of 8.40%, we can expect that the Machine Vision Technology industry to grow to $28.5 billion by 2021. Machine vision technology has grown at this rate because of the ever expanding manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector is moving more towards automated inspection, relying […]

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Textile cut plan optimisation

Monday 4th July, 2016

In today’s highly competitive global market, manufacturers face constant pressure to reduce costs, offer greater choice, and deliver products faster. Shelton Vision offer high speed cut plan optimisation that helps reduce costs and optimises your maximum yield. Traditionally large fabric inspection machines were used to locate defects during production. This allowed human inspectors to run fabrics […]

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