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Machine vision technology expected to double in growth

Friday 20th January, 2017

What is machine vision technology? Machine vision technology interprets an image captured by a camera. It then uses a computer to analyse this image and makes decisions based on that analysis. Defects can be automatically classified and graded. Shelton Vision gives customers the option to decide which defects are most pressing and separate those from […]

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Industrial automation

Monday 16th January, 2017

Industrial automation benefits a range of industries, initially, it was used to replace manual inspection to help reduce costs and increase productivity. Now industrial automation systems are used to increase quality control and flexibility within the manufacturing process. Benefits of automated applications Industrial automated systems rely on vision inspection systems such as machine vision cameras […]

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Create the perfect cutting plan

Tuesday 20th December, 2016

We offer machine vision solutions that help you reduce your overall costs and increase your yield. The pressure on manufacturers to reduce wastage and costs has never been higher. Shelton Vision offers a solution that identifies and grades defects in real-time during production. Human inspection can work, but it will never be as consistent as […]

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Automated inspection and the automotive industry

Saturday 10th December, 2016

Machine vision technology can benefit every aspect of the automotive industry, from inspecting soft interiors to the raw materials that make up the key components. Every industry is represented during the manufacturing of automobiles, from electrical wiring to machinery and everything in between. With the advances in machine vision technology, increasingly more faults are picked […]

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Cutting plan optimisation for increased returns

Wednesday 30th November, 2016

An aim for most manufacturing companies is to reduce costs and increase output, Shelton’s machine vision systems allow this to happen. In the past, large fabric inspection machines were used to highlight defects during production. These slower speeds allowed human inspectors to check for defects. This process is slow and runs the risk of human […]

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