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Vehicle surface inspection systems

Friday 31st August, 2018

Buying a new car is a highly emotional act: a potential buyer will only spend a significant amount of money if they firmly believe in the value of the product under consideration. In this respect, the external appearance of a vehicle is of utmost importance: It is what generates the first impression which will be […]

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8 Reasons why you should invest in fabric inspection

Tuesday 28th August, 2018

The drive for higher productivity and better results within the textile industry has highlighted the need for an improvement in production inspection. Below are some examples of how automated fabric inspection could help you achieve your business goals: Build relationships: Improve relationships with your current customers by providing products at the right quality at the […]

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Automotive automation systems

Wednesday 25th July, 2018

Machine vision plays a vital role in the heavily automated automotive sector. Overall, machine vision inspection is expected to grow 8% annually by 2022. One of the major drivers for growth is the demand for automated inspection systems within the automotive industry. Shelton’s WebSPECTOR solution virtually eliminates customer claims and provides consistent data for process […]

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Vision technology or human inspection?

Monday 9th July, 2018

Both have their merits, hopefully, this blog will help you decide the best option for you. Vision technology allows for growth as you reduce your human inspection costs. Manual inspectors can be used elsewhere in the business, where their experience can be passed down through the company to further help efficiency. Naturally, manual inspection does […]

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Pharmaceutical quality control

Monday 25th June, 2018

Quality assurance is an essential practice in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, as it is at this stage were you safeguard the integrity of products so that they meet the standard for the proposed use. In most cases it is a legal obligation that ensures manufacturers meet the required standards for the production of medical […]

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